Make Trip and Profile Cards

Online Course and Workshop students will practice Wilderness First Aid scenarios and complete Online Assignments that require the use of these cards. You will need to make 2-types of cards, Wilderness Trip Cards and Profile Cards. Required numbers of cards can be found below.

  • WFA Fundamentals and WFA Practitioner - 1 Trip Card
  • Wilderness First Aid 50 - wWFA50 and vWFA50 - 10 Trip Cards, 8 Profile Cards
  • Wilderness First Aid 90 - wWFA90 and vWFA90 16 Trip Cards, 12 Profile Cards
  • Custom Course: Contact Slipstream Headquarters at to learn if you need to prepare Trip & Profile Cards

Trip Card Description

Write up the details of a wilderness trip, frontcountry, slackcountry or backcountry. The trip must be an overnight, or longer, trip. The trip details must include:

  • Time of year, appropriate for activity (i.e. ski touring in February)
  • Day and Duration of trip (i.e. day 3/7) Noter: time of day will be dictated by your instructor)
  • Actual location (i.e. grid reference, GPS coordinates, or detailed location description)
  • Trip activity (i.e. ski touring, backpacking, mountaineering, whitewater canoeing, sea kayaking, ocean canoeing)
  • Number/type of trip participants, excluding leaders (i.e. youth aged 12-14, adults, group of friends)
  • Number of leaders (i.e. guides)
  • Emergency Contacts (i.e. CCG, Parks Canada, JRCC, your boss, or family members) 
  • How to contact above (i.e. radio, sat/cell phone, PLB, send someone for help)
  • Notes - any extra information that may be important

Pro-Tip: choose trips you have participated in, or dream of completing (bucket trips)!

Trip Card description

Profile Card Description

Write up the details of a potential patient. Do not include medical issues of any kind. The details must include the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex at birth
  • Student or occupation
  • Hometown
  • Hobbies
  • A fun and interesting fact about the individual

Pro-Tip: Use people you know personally

Profile Card description



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