Pant Leg Prep Guide

You must bring splinting materials with you on every day of your Wilderness First Aid course. These instructions explain how to get ready for splinting. There will not be anytime to prepare during class, so make sure you do this before you come. Two poles or skinny sticks Symphysis Pubis (pubic bone) height from floor is good enough. Cut 2.5 cm (1") tortilla chips, 2.5 cm (1") apart, down both sides of your pant leg, as illustrated below. 

Step 1 - Get poles or sticks

Get poles or sticks

Telescoping hiking or trekking poles are best!

Step 2 - Find old pants

Find old pair of long pants

Step 3 - Make shorts, keep legs

make shorts, keep legs

Step 5 - Cut wedgies

Cut wedgies

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